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The AFX Group, LLC is accepting resumes for a Contract Installation Manager (CIM).

The Army Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides members of the Armed Forces with the highest quality of services, training, and transition support to make their transition from the military into civilian life a success. The Forward Transition Support Team (FTST) primarily supports the Reserve Component or remote Army units. The mission of the team is to provide services to geographically dispersed Soldiers within a specific region.

The FTST Contract Installation Manager (CIM) is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the FTST and serves as the team leader for the assigned installation. The CIM will also work as advisor/counselor to assist clients with navigating career readiness requirements and to track progress of each transitioning client in internal data management systems. 

OPENING DATE: July 14, 2021

CATEGORY: Full-Time, Exempt

STARTING DATE: September 2021




  • Serve as the Contractor´s primary point of contact with the Government and manage contractor operations at the installation level. 
  • Coordinate and ensure Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) / Career Readiness Standards (CRS) services are conducted and documented in accordance with Performance Work Statement (PWS). 
  • Ensure that staff provides high quality customer service and transition counseling services to TAP Center clients. 
  • Assist with marketing TAP. 
  • Effectively and efficiently manage personnel and materials.
  • Prepare required monthly reports and administrative documents.
  • Serve as the intermediary for communications with the Installation Commander and his or her representatives.
  • Create an effective working relationship with Commanders, installation staff and leaders, and Service Providers.
  • Plan and direct employer outreach programs.
  • Ensure Pre-separation Briefings are scheduled and properly executed.
  • Ensure that Transition Counselors complete the DD Form 2648 (eForm) for each transitioning client.
  • Ensure that Transition Counselors perform follow-ups on individual transition plans as appropriate.
  • Comply with installation rules and regulations applying to the operation of any facility including regulations applying to, but not limited to: safety, security, and energy conservation.
  • Participate in marketing and public affairs activities.
  • Ensure that all team members and employees complete mandatory Government training. Ensure all employees safeguard PII.
  • Help clients use the automated and non-automated resources effectively.
  • Provide instruction on automated tools to include TAPXXI.
  • Review work performed in TAPXXI by counseling staff; review progress of transitioning clients and work with Government representatives whenever issues with Commanders prevent transitioning clients from using TAP program.
  • Coordinate site visits for headquarters staff members. Inform and assist the Designated Government Representative (DGR) in making necessary arrangements.
  • Other duties: complete all mandatory Government training; safeguard PII; file records according to ARIMS; upload information into integrated Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS; after training received from the Government); participate in sustainment training events as offered.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field from an accredited institution and 2 or more years in a management role. Prefer a master’s degree in business administration or related field.
  • Exceptional leadership skills, time management, facilitation and organizational skills.  
  • Working knowledge of the TAP program.  Prefer experience working with the military or directly working with the government’s Transition Assistance Program.
  • Working knowledge of government chain of command and transition policies.  
  • Working knowledge of change management principles.  
  • Experience managing personnel at more than one work site. 
  • Experience safeguarding confidential information, handling PII and complying with the Privacy Act and all applicable agency regulations on individual privacy, to include DoD Directive 5400.
  • Experience conducting QC checks and ensuring training requirements are met.
  • Experience working directly with clients.
  • Ability to exercise a great deal of independent judgment.
  • Experience with software packages such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.



All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to racecolorreligionsexsexual orientationgender identity or national origin.

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